Software to Analyze Scale Formation in SEM-EDS images

Software to Analyze Scale Formations
Category: Oil Industry Application
Technologies: C++, C#, VTK.
This project represents a very recent case of a Norwegian company which did not have an appropriate software for the automation of their services.  For them we have designed an advanced software for the manipulation of SEM-EDS* images, adapted to the needs of the analysis of crystals in the process of scale.  Our software enabled the company to increase the reliability of their analyzes, analyze their images in much less time, resulting in more efficient reporting for their clients
The objective of this software is to analyze images coming from fluids in the scale process from the injection of seawater into oil field reservoirs to maintain reservoir pressure and improve secondary recovery.
*SEM-EDS: Scanning Electron Microscopy – Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy.

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