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Simulated surgical procedure using prior CT-MRI registration – Yttrium Technology

Simulated surgical procedure using prior CT-MRI registration

Simulated surgical procedure in an environment of images and 3D models, using prior CT-MRI registration.
Category: Computer Assisted Surgery
Technologies: 3D Texture Rendering guided by 2D Texture, 3D Registration, Fuzzy Classification, 3D-2D synchronization, C++.
Surgery is simulated on a model of the patient obtained from MRI images, which was previously registered with the CT images. The specialist interacts mixing of CT and MRI images using multiple windows for surgical planning. The two upper windows (MRI on the left and CT on the right) are positioned on a anatomical target to verify the quality of the registration. All graphic elements are interconnected in 2D and 3D motion. Stereotactic coordinates of the target and the entry point are displayed in the last window.

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