Modeling and Classification of Geological Structures

Modeling of geological structures (structural failures, natural and induced fractures)
Category: Oil Industry Application
Technologies: C++, C#, VTK.
The function of this plugin is to model and represent geological structures (structural failures, natural and induced fractures, stratigraphic contacts) using three graphic elements: “Sinusoids, Icons and Planes”. It also provides methods to get and plot statistical values ​​of the orientation of the geological structures.
The next figure shows to the left the process for modeling the geological structures by adjusting sinusoids interactively on a acoustic well log with a resolution of 12 lines per inch (144 lines per foot). This process generates a new record called BUZAMIENTO that displays icons type needle. For this needles the slope of the geological structure is represented and also its azimuth, and colors are used to classify the geological structures.
The same figure compares al the right an image produced with our plugin (blue sinusoid) against an image provided by a service company (white sinusoid). Both images show overlapping sinusoids on two geological structures.
Our plug-in provides a method for generating a new 3D well log, as shown in the last column of the upper figure. You can rotate the cylinder using the mouse.

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