Low-rate Brain Brachytherapy

Planning of low-rate brain Brachytherapy. Optimization of radioactive seeds, intensity and position.
Category: Computer Assisted Surgery
Technologies: C++, Genetic Algorithm, Support Vector Machines, VVM/OpenGL.
Planning of low-rate brain Brachytherapy. The problem to solve is the optimal location and intensity of the radioactive seeds. Figure shows the isodose of 15 Gy and 25 Gy (3D and 2D). The catheter carries two radioactive seeds (I125) 10 mm apart. The tumor (yellow) was modeled using a Support Vector Machine -classifier. The isosurface of 25 Gy was optimized using a Genetic Algorithm, which adjusts how much of the tumor is within the isosurface and how much of the isosurface is within the tumor.

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