Cementation Evaluation using Cross-plot Graphs

Using Cross-plots for classification, clustering and diagnosis in the evaluation of the cementation.
Category: Oil Industry Applications
Technologies: C++, C#, VTK.
Cross-plots are important in the oil industry to immediately show the relationship between two variables, for classification, clustering and diagnosis. This plug-in allows all these operations. The following figure shows a 2D Cross-plot using the variables GR (Gamma Ray) and AMP (CBL Signal amplitude in millivolts). The green color represents the selected region.

After a Cross-plot is created, an expert can add closed curves as shown in the next figure. This process captures the expert knowledge. In this case the expert has acquired four different states of the GR-AMP process, which will have some meaning, for example, the quality of the cement. White icons represent the uncertainty of the method, this uncertainty is also present when an expert is analyzing the well logs.
Finally as shown in the next figure a new well log is created containing bands, see the last column, the diagnosis has been captured in the bands, characterized by four colors representing states of the process, the uncertainties are colored in white.

The upper figure shows the three stages of te process:
  1.  Crossploting
  2. Training
  3. Diagnosis
Once trained the system the third stage of diagnosis can be applied to diagnose the cementation of any well of the reservoir.

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