Spatio Temporal Monitoring of Oil Fields. Spatial Picking.

Data mining based on a picking object which explore the properties and variables of one reservoir.
Category: Oil Industry Application
Technologies: VTK, Computer Graphics, C++, C#.
We have designed for PetroSynapsis one family of widgets for the spatiotemporal exploration of the properties and variables of a reservoir. PetroSynapsis widgets have the ability of spatiotemporal sampling, which means that if a property or a variable of the reservoir varies over time then this property is displayed dynamically. This feature makes these widgets an excellent tool for assessing global phenomena occurring at the oil field during the simulations.
In this project we have created a novel mechanism of data mining, which consists of an object called the “Picker”. The “Picker” is introduced in a 3D scene to explore the properties (and scalar variables) of one reservoir over time and space.
The picker in the scene is represented by a sphere of yellow color, as shown in the following video and the upper figures. The sphere was designed to be located only on the surface of the reservoir. When the user moves the sphere on the surface of the reservoir, a graph with the properties of the visiting cell is deployed.

When a spatial filtering is applied, the cells inside the reservoir are exposed. In this case the sphere is repositioned on the surface of the exposed cells. This can be seen in the following video and the upper figures

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