Lines of flux visualization in fluid simulations

Using IBFV to display velocity fields in simulations of fluids based on Lattice Bolztmann.
Category: Oil Industry Applications
Technologies: IBFV, fluid visualization, OpenGL.
The usual visualization of the magnitude of the velocity used for displaying the results of simulations based on Lattice Boltzmann provides an incomplete picture of fluid dynamics. For this reason we developed another visualization technique based on something that is called in the literature as IBFV “Image Based Flow Visualization”. This technique was proposed by Jarke J. van Wijk. According to this technique the velocity field modulates the position, in a noisy image. A blending mechanism is added between the noisy image and the noisy deformed image. The result is shown in the following two videos, in which the flow lines are very well appreciated. The result can be improved, this is just a first development which is based in OpenGL. This technique has been applied to 2D and 3D, and also to visualize flow over surfaces in 3D environments.


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