3D Visualization of the Borehole and its Deformations

Visualization of borehole deformation and geological structures for studying borehole stability.
Category: Oil Industry Application
Technologies: C++, C#, VTK.
This plug-in creates a 3D scene with the following content (see upper-left figure):
  • A 3D model of the borehole obtained from acoustic well logs, the radius of the borehole represents transit time information and the texture represents the acoustic amplitude.
  • Geological structures defined by its position, inclination and azimuth which were modeled by small blue planes.
  • A polar diagram containing small squares with the information of azimuth and inclination of the blue plane.
  • A polar graph which represents the transversal cut with the plane of transparent red color.
The latter plane has two features (see upper-right figure):
  • Its depth is provided by the user and can be moved freely.
  • The plane contains indicators of geographical orientation.
This plug-in facilitates the simultaneous study of the borehole deformation and the geological structures, useful for analyzing the stability of the borehole by an expert or by using intelligent tools.
An important feature of this plug-in is the statistics. The figure below shows the geological planes mapped as small square icons on a polar plot, the position of each icon represents the inclination in the range 0°-45° and the azimuth in the range 0°-360°. At the right of this figure the statistic of inclination-azimuth is shown.

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