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Yttrium-Technology is exclusively engaged in developing scientific-industrial software for companies around the world, being specialists in Scientific Visualization and Scientific Computing, involving a high demanding handling of data and complex applications. The exclusive interest of Yttrium-Technology is developing scientific applications for any type of industry.
Yttrium-Technology employs specialized staff at Ph.D. levels to develop advanced mathematical algorithms for multidimensional processing of information. Our staff is specialized in designing and applying algorithms for data processing using traditional and recently developed techniques originated from the Theory of Machine Learning. Yttrium-Technology is highly specialized in the development and application of algorithms for modeling, non-lineal regression, classification, optimization and prediction.
It is worth mentioning three recent projects which belong to totally different industries located in distant countries. The first one is related to Data Analytics technology for an oil industrial client in Norway. A second project was developed for 3D modelling of brute diamond and optimization of diamond cutting for a client of the diamond industry in India. A third project has to do with high speed industrial inspection of fruits using Computer Vision techniques for the agricultural industry in Chile. These three completely different projects illustrate the reach and capacity of Yttrium-Technology to develop computing applications for industries which are absolutely different not only from the technological but also from the geographic point of view.
Nevertheless, most applications developed by Yttrium-Technology belong to the oil industry, which and because of being highly strategic must legally protect its data under confidentiality agreements. Such information includes intellectual properties, technical solutions, business concepts and relevant data.
Yttrium-Technology Yttrium can Provide research and development under an outsourcing model, and development of specialized software under different sorts of contracts and projects.


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